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Kempo Karate

Kempo is a combative form of Martial Arts blending aspects of traditional Chinese Kung-Fu, Japanese Karate, and Ju-Jitsu.   Kempo focuses on the striking as well as grappling arts.  As an effective self-defense system, it utilizes quick gun-fire like blows of aggressive hand and elbow strikes,  kicks and knee strikes, as well as throws and grappling to defeat an opponent.  Kempo is great for all ages, men and women.

Greatness in Kempo lies in the mastery of the three major aspects of this art (Kihon) – the basics, (Kata) – the forms, and (Kumite) – live sparring.   Kihon/basics teach strength, flexibility, balance and how to use your body as a weapon.  Kata teaches how to use the basics, and to move and flow with efficiency.  Kumite/sparring toughens the body and spirit and teaches  attack-defend strategy.  All three put together are key to a focused and disciplined Kempo Mind.   Kempo is for everyone and as students practice the techniques, they acquire self-control and defense skills distinct to their own body style.

Kempo although viewed as a self-defense art, also brings weight loss, discipline, self-confidence, focus, stress relief and an overall peace of mind as its benefits.  Ultimately it has become an instrument for improving an individual’s quality of life.  feel free to come by, or call to set up a free trial today!

Belt Requirements

Kids Beginner Class – Tue/Thu 5-6PM, Sparring Saturday 12-1PM
Fight Stance – Advanced Kids class