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Sensei Vince Velez

Vince Patrick Velez, Owner and Chief Instructor, Has been actively teaching Martial Arts for over 20 years.

He currently holds a 4th degree Masters Black Belt.

He is knowledgeable in an array of fighting and self defense systems, and has experience in Shaolin Chuan Fa, American Kenpo, Full Contact Karate, Kick Boxing, Kung Fu, the Phillipino (Filipino) Arts of Kali and Escrima, as well as Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.

Some of Sensei Vince’s accomplishments and titles

– 2001 BWIBC Region 2 Full Contact Karate Championship
– 2001 US Open International 1st Place Champion
– 2001 International Karate Championships 1st Place (Weapons)
– 2006 United Martial Arts Grand Champion
– Placed in many Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournaments

Sensei Vince believes that to be a great Martial Artist, one should be well rounded, and dedicated to learning the knowledge and skills to enrich yourself and to pass on to others.

Roger De Frietas

Roger De Frietas

3-time Cup Ciclone Champion
Cup Sul Jiu Jitsu Champion
2nd place Cup Curitiba Jiu Jitsu

Black Belt under Rigan and Roger Machado

Art Avíles

Art Avíles